Our Services


Vintex has over 30 years combined experience in the fire protection and life safety industries and our team is able to offer an extensive range of fire protection of products and services to meet your needs.

Design / Engineering

Vintex ’s design and engineering team are able to assist you by carrying out a detailed analysis of your fire protection needs and objectives in order to develop the best possible solution to meet your needs whilst ensuring compliance with the relevant regulations, standards and codes.
We are able to offer a full design and build service for new installations as well as comprehensive support for your existing systems.


We have very experienced and skilled installation staff who are able to undertake a wide variety of work including both installation and maintenance/alterations of existing installations. All staff have or are undertaking FireTech training to achieve level 4 or higher certification.
As we utilise the same staff for both installation of new systems and maintenance of existing installations we are able to offer continuity of the staff serving our customers, in addition to which our staff know the sites they are working on and have a sense of ownership which in results in a high level of consistency and quality being delivered.
Vintex is able to undertake all aspects of Fire Sprinkler, Fire Alarm system and Special Hazard installations, alterations and extensions for a full range of systems including:

Automatic Sprinkler Systems including wet pipe, dry pipe and pre-action, systems.

Fire Hydrant Systems.

Fire Hose reel and Fire Extinguisher installation.

Manual and automatic Fire Alarm Systems, including conventional and analogue addressable.

Evacuation and Early Warning Systems

VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus).

ProtectowireTM linear heat detection systems.

Gaseous suppression systems (Clean agent systems).

Deluge systems & water spray systems.

Water mist.

Foam systems.

Audio Loop Systems for the Hearing Impaired

Experienced Service co-ordinators and project managers control all aspects of installations including:

Testing and Maintainence
It makes sense to regularly check your Fire protection equipment to ensure it will be ready when called on in an emergency.
For peace of mind and for compliance with India code requirements Vintex Fire protection offers routine testing and maintenance service to ensure both that the systems will operate correctly when needed and comply with the relevant codes and standards. Service is offered for the following systems types:

Fire hose reels and extinguishers

Fire alarm systems

Hydrant systems

Fire sprinkler systems

Preaction sprinkler systems

Deluge systems

Dry systems

Anti-freeze systems

Foam systems

Gaseous fire suppression systems

Emergency lighting systems